Organic Vegies Are Delicious

hydroponicThere is nothing more rewarding that sitting down to the dinner table to enjoy a meal made from the fruits and vegetables that you’ve grown in your own garden. Living on our farm with its abundance of good soil and animals that help to provide a source for natural fertilizer, it really was not a huge leap for us to embrace organic gardening practices.

Organic gardening is an important part of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle for our family and the planet. Growing one’s own organic vegetables takes both perseverance and planning. Today and next week I want to show you some things to keep in mind as you are planning your organic vegie garden.

Let’s take a look at our soil.

It’s important to know the quality of your soil before you begin your garden. There are simple home test kits that can test your soil. If your soil is either too acidic or too alkaline, you will want to adjust your soil with natural materials and natural fertilizers to improve its quality before you start planting. If you live on a farm with a lot of animals as we do, you will have an almost unlimited supply of natural fertilizer for your organic garden, but it is also possible to obtain natural fertilizers from other farmers with animals or even some stores.

Of course, not all organic farming methods use soil, but if you have a large amount of farm land, soil is usually one of the easiest ways to grow organic vegies.

We have had people from all over commenting on our organically growing vegies.  They have asked lots of questions about our setup here. At last year’s Whittlesea Show there was an awesome set up which was a hydroponic vegies garden with goldfish in the base of it and the water from the goldfish is recycled with the vegies growing in pebbles. Of course you would have to top up the water level, but it was a different way without chemicals.

This image comes from Pinterest and if you pop over to that page you will find some other clever ideas for hydroponic and aquaponic gardens.

In our next post I will tell you more about organic gardening.  Chat then.