Funfields Amusement Park

The next time you visit us it is worthwhile having a look at the Funfields Amusement Park.  Located in Whittlesea, Funfields re opens on 22 September for the school holidays and has some great rides that are ideal for ages.

The Alpine Toboggan Slide is the marquee ride of the park and as it is over 400 metres long you can either speed down or go slow and take in the great views of the surrounding area.  Just don’t go too slowly – there’s another toboggan behind you!

For those with a “need for speed” try the Thunderdome Go Kart Track.  It is great fun and safe for the whole family as you can use a single seat or a double seat go kart which is ideal if one of your kids is too small to see over the steering wheel.

As we are in spring and about to go into summer you might want to check out the water attractions such as the Wipe Out, Bumper Boats, Splashdown Waterslides and Wacky Water to cool down while at the same time having heaps of fun.

For the more adventurous and daring, Blackbeard’s Fury is the pirate ship with a difference.   Hold on to your hat as the pirate ship gets very high as it rides the “seven seas”.

Maybe you are looking for something a bit tamer:  the Crocodile Creek Mini Golf may be suitable for you.  This mini golf course has many challenges as it meanders around waterfalls, ponds and other features.

These are just some of the attractions at the Funfields Amusement Park as there are many others attractions.  With a café, BBQ facilities and a picnic area this is also a fabulous place for your family and friends to unwind between rides or to simply take it easy.

(All images from the Funfields website)

All about Chooks

Having chooks (chickens) can be great fun and there is nothing better than heading out to the coop in the morning to grab some freshly laid eggs to make into an omelette or maybe to poach for breakfast.

As strange as it may sound, chickens make great pets.  Just like a pet dog, cat or even a rabbit, once you get to know them you will find they have different personalities and characteristics.  This may be how they parade and strut around the yard, the different coloured feathers they have or even their quirky habits.  The added benefit of keeping chickens is the eggs.  Whereas the ones you probably have had from a supermarket may be several days or weeks old, the fresh organic eggs from your own backyard may only be minutes or hours old when you use them.  The difference in flavour will mean you are unlikely to ever buy another egg from a supermarket again.

Chooks also have an environmental benefit in they will eat many garden pests such as beetles, earwigs and grubs.  So not only will your plants be looked after, there will also be the added benefit of fertiliser to help them grow as well.

If this information has got you interested in caring for chickens at home, then pop over to Living Greener and you will find a bucket load of information about looking after your chooks.

These are some of our girls, scratching around happily and munching on fresh greens.  We love to hear them clucking away happily every day.  Come and see them when you stay at Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages.  You can even help feed them.



Feeding the farm animals

Make sure you pack your gum boots when you visit us.  In addition to being an ideal place to get away from it all Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages is also a working farm.


Our cows always seem to be hungry and our sheep are always looking for food.  The alpacas in the picture below had just been shorn.  They are easy and fun to feed and children love to see them because they are a bit unusual.


While we have a number of farm animals it is not unusual for other wildlife to be watching to see what is happening.   Especially in the surrounding areas you are likely to see kangaroos, echidnas, wombats, birds as well as native flora in the bushlands that are close by



Feeding the animals is a great activity, safe and perfect for you and your kids to join in and have some fun.  They will love the noises the animals make and laugh at the way they push in to get their food.  Children love being farmers for a while.  The fresh air is good for them and they will be ready for a good night’s sleep after all the fun.

As an alternative you may just want to simply sit back, take it easy and let others feed the farm animals as you sip on your champagne.


Get away from it all

Are you looking for a place to get away from it all?  We are located in Upper Plenty and only under an hour north of Melbourne’s CBD.  Annie’s farm is just far enough away from home so you can really enjoy a fantastic and relaxing environment. Sometimes the day to day distractions and hustle and bustle of our regular life can get in the way, can’t they?

Artists paletteIf you are an artist then we are surrounded by some spectacular scenery, landscapes and mountain ranges making it perfect for painting or sketching.  Bring your canvas or sketch pad and draw in complete serenity.

As a writer you may need some peace and quiet to finish your latest story.  It’s an ideal location to really get the creativity flowing. With only the sounds of nature around you, you’ll have no problem with concentration.

We are a great place to stay if you are doing research into Australia’s history. Annie’s Cedar Farm is perfectly located as we are close to where Ned Kelly was born in Beveridge.  Follow the trail of Ned Kelly and the Gang. The Hume and Hovell expedition passed through the area also.  We are at the gateway of many other historic sites ranging from old homesteads, gold fields and other historic Victorian features.    Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages is also close to some great restaurants and wineries as well as many other attractions.  You can do as little or as much as you like during your stay but we guarantee to make the time away as enjoyable as possible.



Celtic in Kilmore

Next weekend is the Kilmore Celtic Festival.  I’d love to encourage you to come along and enjoy yourself at this happy and musical weekend. You might even join in the dancing!

Pull out your dancing shoes and save a dance for me.

Kilmore Celtic Festival

There’s quite a lot of Irish ancestory around this area so it’s not surprising that the Kilmore Celtic Festival is so popular.

The Kilmore Celtic Festival that is held from Friday 29 June to Sunday 1 July 2012.  The festival is a tribute to the early settlers of the region and includes events, music and a Celtic market.  In the 1800’s Kilmore was a major settlement for Celtic people who had arrived from Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall and many descendants still live in the area.

Some of the acts include the O’Shea-Ryan Irish Dancers who have just returned from an overseas tour, Danny Spooner who sings traditional ballads, Sally Carter who plays a wild fiddle and produces a foot stomping performance.  The Poet’s Breakfast is always a fun event with lots of original and quite hilarious verse.

Another great feature of the festival is The Celtic Banquet that is held on Sunday 1 July from midday until 4.00pm.  This fabulous Celtic Banquet begins with a ceremonial “Address to a Haggis” that leads into a generous roast dinner that includes the traditional Haggis as well as a feast of Celtic treats.  During the banquet live Celtic music is provided by many performers including Danny Spooner, Red Cat, Knot O’ The Gate.

These are just some of the many performers  and events which offer great entertainment throughout the festival.For more information follow the link to the Kilmore Celtic Festival which provides a whole lot more detail and information.

What’s on in the area

Looking for something to do to add to your relaxing time away while stay with us?  Here are some upcoming events that may be of interest to you.

  • Bird Watching:  Join the Friends of Merri Creek on Sunday 20 May or May 27 and assist with their survey of birdlife.  BYO a pair of binoculars.  This activity is suitable for the whole family.
  • Plenty Gorge Tree Planting:  On Saturday 26 May or 30 June the Friends of the Gorge will undertake a tree planting activity.  The Plenty Gorge is a hidden treasure on the outskirts of Melbourne a great place for your family to visit while supporting a local environmental issue.
  • Art Show:  The Kalkallo Rural Fire Brigade is running their 16th Annual Art Show on Saturday 9 June.  All proceeds raised on the day go to the purchase and maintenance of their fire fighting equipment.
  • Ned Kelly’s House:  Visit the house where Ned Kelly was born and went to school.  Also, if you have the time you can take the Ned Kelly trail that starts at Beveridge and goes all the way to Stringy Bark Creek.
  • Bread Making:  On Sunday 17 June learn how to make bread as well as the historical, cultural and social importance of the bread.

Keep an eye on the Mitchell Shire events calendar, too.  It lists many of the local events and activities.

All these events and activities are free and are just some of the many things you can do in the Wallan and Upper Plenty areas.


(image from The Age)



The Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail

The Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail is almost finished and when it opens in June, will be one of the longest rail trails in Australia.  It will stretch 134 kms in length.  It will starts at Tallarook and pass through Trawool, Yea, Molesworth, Alexandra, Yarck, Merton, Bonnie Doon, Maindample and finish in the beautiful town of Mansfield.

Originally there were 68 bridges along this disused rail line and while many of them are being repaired or replaced, some can’t be restored because of changes in regulations regarding their height.

The trail winds through some stunning landscape and there is a lot to see on the way,  Cheviot’s Tunnel, built in 1889, is the longest rail trail tunnel in Victoria.  In Yea you will pass the historic rail station, also built in 1889.  You can also walk or ride across the 385m bridge across part of Lake Eildon.

While the trail is not officially open, parts of it are able to be used. You’ll find more information at the rail trail site.

The rail trail will be a wonderful ride.  In case you need more convincing, just watch this video of the trail and you will be very pleased at what you see.

How pretty is it at Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages?

These photos were taken by Diane, one of our lovely guests who kindly sent us a copy. How pretty is it at Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages? Let the photos speak for themselves.

Honeymoon At Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages

Not everyone has the time to pack up and go to Venice or Paris for a honeymoon.  Some are lucky to have a few days to themselves at all.

At Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages, we’ve got romantic hearts and we love to make you feel special especially if you are on your honeymoon.

We’ve been very honoured to have our cottages chosen for a honeymoon and a wedding night stay.  It gave us a chance to spread some romance around the place.

First of all, we put a heart in the sky….


Then we went indoors…


You don’t have to be on your honeymoon to stay with us.  If you are having a very special night away or celebrating an anniversary, let us know and we’ll make it perfect for you.  Don’t forget to look at our packages, too. They can be the icing on your wedding cake.