It’s shearing time.

sheep shearing This has been a busy month on the farm so far.  It is shearing season!

Mid to late spring is usually shearing time. Each year before the warm weather starts our sheep are shorn.  It’s important that they aren’t shorn too early in the year because it’s pretty cold when you go from wearing a thick woolly coat to wearing only your underclothes!

At the same time, we don’t want our sheep being exposed to the hot sun when they have just been shorn.

We also have to take into account the lambing season and the availability of shearers, too.

Yes, shearing time is busy.

It is not just our sheep who need to be shorn, either.  Our alpacas have a thick, woolly coat which requires shearing, too.  Shearing an alpaca is not as easy as shearing a sheep;  they are very talented spitters!

alpaca shearing

It is quite a spectacular sight when, as you stumble out of bed in the morning, you see a hillside dotted with glowing, white creatures.  Imagine how light on their feet they must feel after losing all that woolly weight!