12 Fun Things to Do When You Stay at Annie’s Cedar Farm

Are you thinking of visiting us here at Annie’s Cedar Farm?   Take a look at the many fun things to do in the area while you’re here.

Play Golf – Hidden Valley has a secret gem and it’s the professional 18 hole golf course. Wonderfully scenic, the course will stretch you while the surroundings soothe you.

Wallan Olde Time Market – The Wallan Market is one of our favourite events, happening on the second Saturday of every month.  It’s a big market which has everything from fresh produce to crafts, trash and treasure and food. Many people come to Wallan especially for the market.

Dining in Wallan

Eat! – Wallan is fast developing a reputation for great places to eat.  Try Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Hogan’s Hotel, and there are lots more to choose from. Visit the new Wallan Wine Hub and enjoy boutique wines and beers or book in for one of the occasional winery tours.

Horse RidingUncle Nev’s is famous for its horse riding experiences which suit beginners to advanced riders. You will ride through the hills and the State Forest. Catering for people aged 8+, you will discover our local bushland and wildlife from the comfort of your saddle.

Visit the Wineries – People are just beginning to realise that a lot of great wines are made in this region.  Take a tour of some of the local wineries and taste them for yourself.  There is a list of wineries on the Mitchell Shire site.

Paintball and Laser Skirmish – get the adrenaline pumping! Adrenaline Games keeps you active I Wallan. Laser skirmish is an outdoor combat team sport; think paintball without the bruises. Alternatively, be splattered in paint for the real effect!

Walk the Wallan Trail – Walk through Wallan following Wallan Trail from Hadfield Park to the Wallan Railway Station. It’s a gentle walk which takes about half an hour and leads you through our park and playgrounds, past the new wetland area and down to the station.

Funfields –  Funfields is an outdoor family fun park in Whittlesea, just a few minutes from Annie’s.  Famous for its water slides and activities, the fun park actually has a great mix of both wet and dry rides  If you’re staying with us for a while, think about buying a season pass to Funfields. It’s great value.

Bundoora Park – This is a fabulous animal farm where your children can help feed the baby animals and even enjoy pony rides.  This is a lovely way to continue the engagement with animals that they start with us.

Pretty Sally Riding RanchEnjoy Pretty Sally Trail Rides which is situated in the heart of the Great Dividing Ranges with panoramic views and wildlife in abundance. The pony rides are suitable for children and adults.

Reading Cinemas, Epping – If you need your movie fix, you’ll be pleased to know that the Epping cinemas are only a short drive away.

Ned Kelly;s homesteadKelly Homestead – Visit Ned Kelly’s childhood home. While the homestead is on private property, you can see it clearly and take some great photos of this iconic property. The homestead was recently sold.  Read more about it here.

Of course, once you’ve tried all of these activities, you’ll be very pleased to come home to Annie’s and put your feet up while you drink in the soft, soothing noises of nature.

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How to recover after Christmas

Do you realise that there are less than 2 months to go until Christmas is here?

The lead up can be exhausting, with parties, shopping, gifts to buy, food to cook, people to catch up with, cards to send…..

By the time Christmas Day is over, most of us fall into an exhausted heap.  Well, that’s a luxury for those of us who don’t have to worry about holiday drop-ins and surprise visitors.

If ever there is a time to recharge your batteries, it’s the post-Christmas time.  That’s when you need to get away and find some peace.

(We still have vacancies at the moment so book your cabin while they are still there)

Can you imagine how delightful it is to wake up in the morning, stretch in your comfy bed and realise that you don’t have to get up at all, if you don’t want to?  What a luxury!

Can you imagine how peaceful it is to take a picnic pack with you and walk through the country grass to picnic to the sound of cows mooing in the distance, and the wind gently rustling through the leaves?

starry skyEven better, picture yourself lying on a rug on the ground which is still warm from the day’s sun, surrounded by darkness lit only by moonlight.  Such serenity!  Up above you is a huge sky filled with shimmering and twinkling stars. You haven’t seen stars until you see them in a country sky.

Of course, there are shops and restaurants and people nearby if you want them.  But the choice is yours.  No one will intrude on your special time.

If you remember how tired you felt after Christmas last year, you know you should take a break. Think of your health, and think of the peace of mind and body you could have if you came to Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages.

Christmas is fun but recovery is bliss. Book yourself a recovery break now.


Through the eyes of a traveller

A regular guest of ours wrote this beautiful letter for us. We thought it only fitting to put into our blog. Thank you Liz and Karel.

I love coming to these cottages. We’ve been twice now, both times for 4 – 5 day stays. And d’you know why I love it? It’s QUIET! Upper Plenty is but 41kms from Melbourne but what you mostly hear when you’re up here is birdsong. Even the cows, sheep, alpacas and chickens are quiet – just quietly grazing away, on the enormous fields of the cottages.
And the cottages! Literally self-contained. We haven’t wanted for anything! Oh except when we arrived here for the start of our second stay and I thought Karel had brought up the bag of vegies, and he thought I had – and all we had was broccoli, which was not going to do for our stir- fry that night. So, I phoned Annie to see if she could spare even a carrot, and blow me down, if not five minutes later, Annie and Steve arrive on our cottage doorstep carrying a wooden bowl laden with leek, red capsicum, an onion, a carrot and two plump red truss tomatoes. That’s how generous our hosts are. So attentive! So wanting their guests to be totally comfortable.
I’m writing this on the penultimate day of our second stay. I’m out on the verandah, sitting at a glass topped table. The autumn sun is gently warming me, and the birdsong is beautiful.
I love coming here. Did I mention that?

Liz Lipski

Australian Parrots

Coffee Shops Nearby

When you next visit us consider visiting one of the local coffee shops in the area.  We have some excellent places you can visit and enjoy a great coffee as well as a meal if you prefer.  All these places are within a short distance from us.

Cafe Bookacino, Whittlesea Deli Cafe  and Health Kick Cafe in Whittlesea are favourite pitstops for cyclist groups when riding through this beautiful picturesque town.

Beveridge Tavern is a spectacular old style homestead located in the heartland of where Ned Kelly was born.  It was built in the 1840’s and is ideal for those sunny days where simply relaxing is the main business of the day.  In addition to the great coffee on offer there are also meals for lunch and dinner that are available.

In the township of Wallan you can visit Blue Denim, located in the main shopping area of Wellington Square or Hogan’s Hotel that has a bar and restaurant.   You might also like to have a cake with your coffee so visit Ferguson Plarre  Bakehouse or Top of the Town Bakery which are both on the main road.

Further up the Northern Highway there is the Rose Garden Café located in Kilmore.  You can sit indoors in a country style restaurant or outdoors amongst the roses and other plants.  Once you have finished your coffee or meal you can wander through the nursery that surrounds the café.

Donnybrook Cheese Factory is another superb place to visit for a coffee. You can have a tour of the cheese factory and then select from a wide range of cheeses to enjoy with you coffee.   Also located there is the Monteleone Restaurant if you are after an a la carte meal.

Sometimes it’s nice to sit in a coffee shop and watch the world go by, isn’t it?

What a great location we have in Upper Plenty

One of the great aspects of staying in one of Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages in Upper Plenty is that you can choose between visiting many of the surrounding attractions and events and join in with a lot of activities, or you can simply stay put.  You don’t have to leave here during your stay and  you will still enjoy your holiday.

As we are a working farm everyone can get involved with feeding the animals that include alpacas, cows, chickens and sheep.  There is nothing your kids will love more than being up close and personal with our animals.

Our location is perfect for getting the kids away from the computer and video games so they can experience the outdoors.  Make sure to bring a football, soccer ball or even a cricket set.  We have plenty of room to have your own footy grand final, a world cup for soccer or even a Twenty20 match if you are a cricket fan.  Maybe bring along your kite because  our wide and open spaces make is such fun to fly them in.

Also, don’t forget to bring along your runners or walking boots as you can go on many walks in the local bushland and surrounding areas.  In addition to all of our farm animals, there is a good chance you will see the local wild life such as kangaroos, wombats and birds.

Bring your camera along, too. as you are sure to get a spectacular photograph or if you are an artist bring your equipment and paint one of the many landscapes.

These are just some of things to enjoy while you stay in one of our cottages.  We are in such a great location that you can take it easy, enjoy the features with our location as you simply take it easy and have a well deserved break.

Massage, anyone?

Sometimes getting away from it all is just the start of your relaxation experience.  You might need a little help to unwind and that’s where massage comes in.

Having a massage should not just be seen as a luxury but as an important part of your routine.  Research has shown that massage helps to improve your attention and focus, is great for pain relief and also for general health.  The relaxing nature of a massage can help to reduce blood pressure, enhanced your flexibility as well improve the circulation of your blood.

Deep tissue massage is intended to relieve tension within the muscle and the surrounding tissue and often used where you may have suffered an injury.  Often athletes or people who may have a physical job can get significant benefit from this type of massage but also office workers who are suffering from strains due to their work environment can also get great benefits.

Massages are also great to simply get rid of tensions as well as feel calm and relaxed.  There is nothing like getting away from it all on a holiday and having a massage to clear out all of the stresses from our day to day life and activities.

That’s one reason why we can offer you a massage package the next time you visit us.  When making your booking let us know if you are interested in our massage package so we can arrange for our super talented masseuse to be available.  Leanne of Leanne’s Massage Therapy is wonderful.

Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages here in Upper Plenty gives you the quiet surroundings you need.  Let us look after you  and make your stay with us enjoyable, comfortable and above all relaxing.

How pretty is it at Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages?

These photos were taken by Diane, one of our lovely guests who kindly sent us a copy. How pretty is it at Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages? Let the photos speak for themselves.

Honeymoon At Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages

Not everyone has the time to pack up and go to Venice or Paris for a honeymoon.  Some are lucky to have a few days to themselves at all.

At Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages, we’ve got romantic hearts and we love to make you feel special especially if you are on your honeymoon.

We’ve been very honoured to have our cottages chosen for a honeymoon and a wedding night stay.  It gave us a chance to spread some romance around the place.

First of all, we put a heart in the sky….


Then we went indoors…


You don’t have to be on your honeymoon to stay with us.  If you are having a very special night away or celebrating an anniversary, let us know and we’ll make it perfect for you.  Don’t forget to look at our packages, too. They can be the icing on your wedding cake.



How to meditate in a moment

We know that you can’t always get away to Annies’s Cedar Farm Cottages just to take a break.  Sometimes there are commitments that hold you wherever you are.

One of the techniques that helps keep me centred and fight off stress is meditation but, like you, I don’t always get the time to do it properly.  Well, I thought I didn’t have the time until I accidentally tripped over this video while wandering around Youtube.  I watched the video and a little light went off.  It was one of those a-ha moments you hear about.

This clip shows us how to meditate in a moment.  I enjoyed it and immediately thought of you and how useful it might be in your life.  The basic idea is that we can train ourselves to find stress relief in short bursts of meditation.  No sitting still for hours at a time, this approach says that you can meditate at your desk or standing on the train.

If you are looking for the relaxation that a country retreat can give you but can’t get here, try the very simple technique shown here.  The clip only goes for 5 minutes and it’s well worth watching.

A peaceful country retreat

We’ve had such a busy year so far.  It’s nice just to stop and see how far we’ve come.

I’m sitting back under a tree, watching the clouds roll past in the blue sky.  Upper Plenty is hilly and we have some spectacular views at Annie;s Cedar Farm Cottages.   I can see rolling hills and green valleys.  I can see cows peacefully grazing.  If I close my eyes I can hear the breeze stirring through the grasses nearby.

It has been a wonderful year for butterflies and dragonflies, too.  We sit and watch as they dance by with a flutter of wings and flit from leaf to leaf.  This is such a lovely place that it really is a retreat from a busy world.

We’ve met some wonderful people this year and had the pleasure of their company as they stayed in our cottages.  We’ve met couples on honeymoon and families with children who loved to run free in our safe environment.

We’ve added some features to Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages, too.

BBQ area

It’s nice not to have to go away from the property if you don’t want to.  We have added an outdoor area with seating, a table and a BBQ.  This is wondeful for families.  They can let their children eat on the run and burn off all their childish energy.

We’ve added a swing set for children to play on.  It’s close enough to the cottages for safety but not so close that their laughter will be too loud.  You can stand on the front verandah and see them clearly.  If I was small enough, I would be sitting on that swing and staring out at the view for ages.

swingset at cabins


And this one is for those times when you just want to sit in peace and contemplate nature.

With the soft scent of eucalyptus and the gentle swishing of the leaves, the park bench offers serenity to those who need it.


Upper Plenty is beautiful and Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages gives you your own private country retreat when you need to get back to nature.  We are so happy to be able to share our space with you.  If you haven’t visited us yet, don’t leave it too long.  You don’t know what you’re missing.