Celtic in Kilmore

Next weekend is the Kilmore Celtic Festival.  I’d love to encourage you to come along and enjoy yourself at this happy and musical weekend. You might even join in the dancing!

Pull out your dancing shoes and save a dance for me.

Kilmore Celtic Festival

There’s quite a lot of Irish ancestory around this area so it’s not surprising that the Kilmore Celtic Festival is so popular.

The Kilmore Celtic Festival that is held from Friday 29 June to Sunday 1 July 2012.  The festival is a tribute to the early settlers of the region and includes events, music and a Celtic market.  In the 1800’s Kilmore was a major settlement for Celtic people who had arrived from Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall and many descendants still live in the area.

Some of the acts include the O’Shea-Ryan Irish Dancers who have just returned from an overseas tour, Danny Spooner who sings traditional ballads, Sally Carter who plays a wild fiddle and produces a foot stomping performance.  The Poet’s Breakfast is always a fun event with lots of original and quite hilarious verse.

Another great feature of the festival is The Celtic Banquet that is held on Sunday 1 July from midday until 4.00pm.  This fabulous Celtic Banquet begins with a ceremonial “Address to a Haggis” that leads into a generous roast dinner that includes the traditional Haggis as well as a feast of Celtic treats.  During the banquet live Celtic music is provided by many performers including Danny Spooner, Red Cat, Knot O’ The Gate.

These are just some of the many performers  and events which offer great entertainment throughout the festival.For more information follow the link to the Kilmore Celtic Festival which provides a whole lot more detail and information.